I am your favorite organized mess-
always focusing on the “wrong things”
but the wrong things seem right-
right now.
I will wonder and dream
until my eyes reflect the hues of twilight.
I will jump off cliffs
hoping my free falls turn into flight.
And one day:
some day,
I won’t hit the ground.

-unless my dreams kill me first.


Dear New York,

Every time I see you, you strike me with vision, awe, sensation, admiration. Let’s just say it’s like love at first sight- love at first sight, second sight, thirteenth, fiftieth… Love at Broadway, Bowery, Madison, Houston. I would ask you to go easy on me, but I only have a few days. I want all of you. A few moons later, when it’s all over, you still won’t remember my name, but I’ll always remember yours. My dear, New York. 

-a city exquisite doesn’t remember every face, name, art, and wonder, but every face, name, art, and wonder remembers the city exquisite.