Red cherry romance
Red cherry realm
Red, I’m really ready
to ravish your realm.
I hold you by the stem
myself I overwhelm
I try not to taste
this ruby red gem:
Red gem,
Red berry,
Red blissful Cherry,
I say one thing
and mean the contrary.

So, tell me would it be a total waste,
to not divulge
in a little taste?
To not sink teeth into
Flesh I’ve known:
a flesh much sweeter
than my own
A flesh so ripe
holds nothing too new-
just a Red that is red
after a season so blue.

-the waiting game


8 long years
Without you
A new lesson in love and a richer sense of culture
3 weeks away
An occurrence that indubitably came at the right time

I have songs in my heart
A dance within me
That cannot be described
To be adorned in mehndi and bangles
And to eat fruits with flavors bolder than any that have touched your tongue

And here I am
Back again
Never losing sight
But truly embracing this half of who I am
Letting it consume me
Staining my mind with gold and red