A small tornado reached downtown. I started to receive texts and alarms advising me to take shelter. So, I put my phone aside and reached for my Bible. I very rarely worried about such things and my mom remained calm as well. Amongst the chaos, stirring, and sounds of the storm, I tucked myself back into bed and flipped to a random page in my Bible. I was greeted by a header that read: “No One Can Control The Wind.” How relevant and powerful that was. I rested in that moment. I love when God reveals himself to me, whether it be something big or small. Of course there are people who declare these as mere coincidences, but they don’t understand the feeling of a beaming Spirit. In each affirmation, I find my rest. Sometimes tornadoes happen in our hearts, relationships, and homes as well. Warnings are loud and the ground shakes, but we do not control the wind. Luckily, we can be friends with the One who does. And that right there is why the Bible is the best shelter of them all.


Dark clouds are filled with density and heaviness,
Searching for a spot to release their burden,
Refreshing the earth with showers,
Received through pitter patter.
Winds dance,
Shaping the direction of rainfall.
While I sit still on my porch,
Warm cups of tea create an unlikely harmony with cool air.
Who knew such a sensation existed?
Never have I been one to despise a day like today.
Raindrops performed in melodious patterns,
As my pen makes imperfect marks on clean paper.
If only you knew that the rain has things to say
To those who listen and don’t complain.