We learn and endure
Expose and secure
What we want to be known yet silenced.
We invite and allure
No behavior demure
But pretend we are coy and quiet.
Can you not speak,
Will I not seek
Something that makes sense in the end?
With no intention to defend
nor to amend
Maybe it won’t make sense in the




Absent reciprocation
Left me dabbling
in foolish behavior

Weaving a way into something
That knows every way out
Yet weaving did not cease
until he did

I question my questioning, for what exactly am I seeking? I dig for clarity, but have always been fine with uncertainty.
You know that.
If you didn’t, everything would have been boring by now. I would have lost interest from lack of confusion. So why do I ask without the desire to have an answer? Some things just happen; some things just don’t.

-If you like silence better than noise, stop asking for noise.